College 101

What You Will Find Here

You are off to a good start! You are considering college! On the pages and links below, you will find all of the basic information about college including why it matters, how to finance college, what to do to prepare and more. Check back often as the information here is constantly being updated.

Education Pays: The Importance of a College Degree

A college education can make a real difference in the lives of Hispanics. A report by The College Board suggests that workers with a college degree make more money over a lifetime.
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College Search: There is a School That’s JUST RIGHT for YOU!

Of all of the college search tools, this one is our favorite. It asks all the right questions and walks you through excellent options!

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What do YOU Want to Be? Career Choice Exploration

Choosing what you want to do ‘when you grow up’ sounds like a HUGE and finite task, but it’s not. Ask any professionals around you and they will share that the road to their present careers took many twists and turns, all leading to the present moment. That said, you still have to take that first step and formulate an idea of who you want to be once you have completed your education. Here are a few links to career exploration websites that often include the major most closely associated to the career of your choice:

The Basics: Financing College

Getting accepted into college is only the beginning of the journey. Once you know where you’ll be going to school, you’ll need to determine how you’re going to pay for it.
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The College Timeline: Be Prepared!

Want to know what to do in order to be college ready? Click on the link below to help you prepare for college from as early as 8th grade. It’s never too soon, or too late, to get college ready!

Action Plan

Scholarships=FREE $ For College!

One of the best and easiest ways you can finance your college education is to take advantage of the many scholarships that are out there. In fact, there are billions (with a B) of dollars in scholarships that go unclaimed EACH YEAR! Here are some of the best resources to check into for that free college money: