There is Much Work to be Done

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 4.37.53 PMResearch shows that an educated and skilled workforce is one of the best ways to improve our economy, and by 2018, 63% of job openings will require workers with a higher education.

Yet, for many Latino children living right now in Pico Rivera, the idea of going to college seems like a farfetched dream. In many cases, parental guidance is severely limited when it comes to encouraging their child to strive for a higher education, let alone help them enroll for classes, secure housing or participate in collegiate activities. Because of this, many become fearful of taking the steps required to apply for college, or even follow through with high school graduation.

According to the recently released report,The State of Higher Education in California: The Latino Report” :

  • The future of our economy and the state will rise or fall on the educational success of Latinos
  • One out of every two children under the age of 18 in the state is Latino
  • Only 3/10 Latinos complete the A-G coursework
  • Fewer than 2/10 working-age Latinos have a college degree
  • Only 22% Latino community college students complete a certificate, associate’s degree, or transfer after six years

We can do better. Our future depends on it, not only here in Pico Rivera, but our society as a whole. In the coming months, you’ll receive our newsletter bringing you up to date on the latest research, new resources on how to afford college, and what we can all do to better support the younger generation.