Fourth Graders Share a Few Words at the 5th Annual Kindergarten Book Giveaway

Last month Generation 1st Degree-Pico Rivera celebrated its 5-Year Anniversary of its annual Kindergarten Book giveaway, where hundreds of Pico Rivera kindergarten students receive a bag full of new books to encourage reading and literacy.

We heard from a few of the recipients of the inaugural kindergarten book giveaway 5 year ago, here’s what the now 4th graders had to say:

During my kindergarten year we also got 10 books. When I got books it was awesome because I got to read with my mom and dad. My favorite book was and still is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” I like it because I watched the video of the book and it was very interesting. So in conclusion, I would like to thank Gilbert and Jacki (Cisneros) and Generation 1st Degree for giving these wonderful kindergarteners these wonderful books.

–David Aguirre, Age 9

Thank you to the Gilbert and Jacki Foundation your child has a book to read so their minds can open up. This is the 5th year anniversary that the Cisneros Family has given books to our Pico Rivera students. When I was in kindergarten it was the 1st year that our school got these books and it felt really great to receive them. This can be a start of having a library in your home. So parents if you can read to your children, or they can read to you. Remember the pathway to college begins here, and books give us knowledge and knowledge is power.

–Andrea Contreras, Age 9

After kindergarten, I found a love for reading and now I read Harry Potter. It’s hard to believe, but the Cisneros Family has given out 35,000 books to our Pico Rivera Community. Now as a 4th grader, I read to my kinder buddies to make sure they love reading. And always remember, the pathway to college begins in kindergarten.

–Bella Gomez, Age 9