Reaping a College Harvest

This summer, our students had the opportunity to experience the benefits of last winter’s Senior Boot Camp Fundraising Campaign.

Generation 1st Degree – Pico Rivera’s first fundraising efforts raised $10K last December. This personal commitment and generosity allowed 65 students to attend the Be A Leader Senior Boot Camp this June and July.

With your gracious help, our students have spent the summer applying to colleges and universities, preparing for ACT and SAT exams, and completing scholarship and financial aid applications.

The array of topics covered are helping to inform and enrich our students’ college application journey. “We’ve covered a little of everything. We’re working on creating a College and Career Portfolio that will help them through the application process. So every workshop has been focused around a part of the portfolio. This includes: Personal Statements for the UC application, Personal Essays for the Common Application, resumes, cover letters, professional email etiquette, descriptions for activities and community service, recommendation letters, and helping them prepare to apply for scholarships and for taking either the SAT or ACT,” explained Be A Leader Project Manager, Alma Renteria.

One of the highlights of the Senior Boot Camp is that G1DPR students have the opportunity to go on college visits or “College Exploration Days,” with the program. This summer, students visited colleges throughout the state, including: CSULA, UCLA, SDSU and UCSD.

“The benefits of the College Exploration Days are definitely exposure. Many of our students, if not the majority, have had very minimal exposure to college campuses and are afraid of applying in the fall to schools they’ve never visited. Through campus visits, students get that first-hand experience at being on a campus. They also get to decide whether or not they are interested in applying to those schools after all. Overall, it allows them to explore new options they wouldn’t have otherwise considered,” said Renteria.

Each season that passes by, we get closer to our ultimate goal of having a college degree in every Pico Rivera home. Your support in our first G1DPR fundraiser means so much to us. Thank you for standing behind our students and we promise to continue sharing their success stories as our journey with them continues.