It’s Never Too Early to Get Ready for College!

It may be summer, but the new school year is just weeks away. For all students and families, especially those students in 9th grade, the best time to start planning for college is right now!

Tips For Students:

  • Use a planner for all of your activities, commitments and academics.
  • Start a College Application file for report cards, awards, achievements and honors.
  • Maintain contact with your teachers throughout high school.
  • Expand your vocabulary and READ!
  • Know your high school graduation requirements and plan a challenging college prep curriculum. Establish/fine tune study strategies and maintain good grades.
  • Volunteer for 25+ hours and submit form to your counselor.
  • Explore career interests and passions.
  • Set some realistic and challenging goals for yourself for the year.
  • At the end of the year, write an essay about your experience in high school. Describe your extracurricular activities and work experience.

Tips For Parents:

  • Get Involved–Know how your child is doing in his/her classes and identify challenging subjects early.
  • Help Your Child Explore–Encourage involvement in extracurricular activities & community service.
  • Use the summer break as an opportunity to visit colleges, gain work experience, volunteer, and explore career interests.
  • Create a 4-Year Plan–Review college entrance requirements and be sure your child is not only taking required courses but going above and beyond.
  • Create a Summer Reading List–Keep your child’s reading skill up and build vocabulary through reading challenging books during the summer.