Mikrotik routers crypto mining

mikrotik routers crypto mining

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Our routers are our connection footing by taking advantage of a vulnerability within MikroTik routers from this attack. PARAGRAPHAll-In-One Protection Recommended.

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Mikrotik routers crypto mining Sign in anonymously. A query on the Shodan IoT search engine reveals that there are over 1. A recipe for online privacy this holiday season 11 Dec Taking a closer look at the above picture, you might have noticed it tries to run a script:. Life at McAfee. While the majority of the routers were in Brazil, researchers also noted that the attacks are now also spreading outside the country. Security researchers have unearthed a massive cryptojacking campaign that targets MikroTik routers and changes their configuration to inject a copy of the Coinhive in-browser cryptocurrency mining script in some parts of users' web traffic.
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MikroTik routers enslaved in massive Coinhive cryptojacking campaign Hundreds of thousands of devices are mining cryptocurrency through power. Security researchers uncovered a cryptojacking campaign � where attackers hijack systems to conduct cryptocurrency mining � that injects a malicious version of Coinhive, a web-based cryptocurrency miner, by exploiting a vulnerability in MikroTik routers. Deep dive into how hackers exploit vulnerability on MikroTik routers to mine cryptocurrency.
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It could be used for sniffing the traffic, serving you malicious pages etc. We got the configuration script that sets up the MikroTik router for this cryptomining campaign. The landlord our customer has detected unusual increase in power bills and he is trying to detect and fail proof if possible crypto currency mining that could be increasing significantly the power usage in his building. One of the most stunning characteristics of this particular campaign is the longevity with which the attack has persisted after first being spotted in late July. At the time, approximately , routers were found to have been compromised by hackers.