Going the Extra Mile

By Karen Lopez

*We are so proud of Karen and look forward to hearing back from her as she makes her way to and through George Washington University!

G1DPR gave me the resources and encouragement I needed when I was in the process of applying to a selective school. The program pushed me to apply to schools a little out of my comfort zone, but at the same time, schools that were a perfect match. There were various times where the stress took a hold of me, and G1DPR was there to help on a personal level as well.

Getting accepted to a selective institution has always been a dream of mine. To my family and I, having the privilege of attending a selective institution means success; education is a core value within my family. Moving on to the next chapter in my life and knowing that I will prosper in a challenging environment, while having great resources at hand, make my family proud.

To those on the path of applying to a selective institution, make sure to use all the resources available, take any opportunity given to you, and always go the extra mile. When you make the most out of something, you get the most out of it.