Get ready for “A Day In Space” Breakout Sessions


What’s on Mars? Are we alone? What does a rocket scientist do exactly? How can I become part of a space exploration team?

If you’ve thought one or more of these questions to yourself, then be sure to check out the many Breakout Sessions during “A Day In Space!” Each Breakout Session provides an opportunity for a more intimate group of attendees to get the inside scoop on careers in space, rocket science, how to become an astronaut and so much more. Each session will be offered two times – at 10 a.m. and again at 11 a.m., which means you can choose up to two sessions!

Here’s what’s on board:

What’s On Mars?

JPL Engineer Diana Trujillo will discuss the Mars Curiosity Mission and what they have discovered about the planet Mars with a Questions & Answers opportunity at end.


Chat with an Astronaut

Here is your chance to ask NASA astronaut José Hernández everything you wanted to know about his journey to Space.


It’s Rocket Science

Learn what it takes to be a rocket scientist and what exactly they do. Nicole Lewis, a rocket scientist from Virgin Galactic will tell you all about her work. Q&A session allows you to ask any and all of your questions about rocket science! Additional guest speaker will be announced.

Why Do Humans Explore Space?

Have you ever wondered why humans are so curious about space? Listen to Virgin Galactic’s Will Pomerantz’ abbreviated TedX Talk on human’s fascination with space. Learn why we go to outer space, what we learn from outer and what’s next in space?

See the Universe in a new light with the James Webb Telescope

Krystal Puga, a systems engineer on Northrop Grumman’s James Webb Space Telescope project, will explain the new way we can see space, the birth of new galaxies, and how we are searching planets for signs of life-supporting atmospheres. This session is as visual as it is interesting with a Q & A opportunity at the end of session.


Students Studying Space

Get the inside scoop on what it is like to study the rigorous curriculum of space & engineering. Our group of college student panelist will talk about how they prepared themselves in high school and what courses are they currently taking in college to prepare them for a job in space. Get advice and expertise on what you can do now to be a future rocket scientist or an astronaut! Guest speakers will be announced.

Careers in Space

Do you like space exploration, but don’t want to be an astronaut? There are hundreds of other types of careers within the Space industry. If you want to become a member of a space exploration team without leaving earth, then this session is for you. Learn from from our guest panelists on what they do and the talent they bring to the new frontier! Fields of expertise include human relations, marketing and more! Guest speakers will be announced.

STEM for Preschool and PreK Learners

It’s never too early to prepare your children for Science Technology Engineering & Math.

LAUP (Los Angeles Universal Preschool) invites parents and their early learners to learn about fun ways to engage your child in STEM activities. Example activities will be provided and parents are welcome to ask the experts about the impact of early STEM learning.

Registration is open. Be sure to check our event page for breakout session updates, including new guest speakers and room locations.