#Don and #BetterMakeRoom Contributor Shares New Year’s Views

As we begin 2017, we want to highlight Generation 1st Degree-Pico Rivera alumnus Crystal Sanchez who was recently featured as Better Make Room Twitter Takeover guests contributor. Better Make Room is a social media program started by First Last Michelle Obama to support first-generation college students by offering resources and sharing stories from like-minded students around the country. We’ve included a few words from Crystal, as well as links to her inspiring Better Make Room blog post about her college-going experience.

My Better Make Room Twitter Takeover was a wonderful and rewarding experience. I am beyond grateful that Gilbert and Jacki Cisneros recommended me for the opportunity to inspire students just like myself to believe in them by sharing my story. I remember feeling terrified at the mere thought of college because I feared the possibility of rejection. I did not possess the self-confidence to believe in myself but eventually, I gained a positive mindset and learned to have faith in my capabilities. My Better Make Room Twitter Takeover has granted me the opportunity to remind other students that they too are capable of whatever they set their minds to.

I enjoyed every aspect of the Takeover. One of my favorite components involved sharing my own college tips through the Better Make Room twitter account. I wanted to provide students with pointers I found the most helpful during my transition into college. I really wanted to stress the importance of enjoying oneself in college. Of course, academics always come first but it is all about finding a balance between studying and engaging in social activities. I found the overall structure of the Takeover to be fun and appealing to students. I can only hope my story has eased the minds of students about college. After all, anything can be achieved if one believes. Thank you to First Lady Michelle Obama for inspiring me to reach for the stars!

To read about Crystal’s Better Make Room Twitter Takeover, click here.