Buying crypto for a child

buying crypto for a child

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Kids can't directly buy cryptocurrencies, and that's the main hurdle of investing in cryptocurrencies for kids. Popular sites like Coinbase and Paypal require. And they don't offer custodial accounts, so parents can buy crypto for their kids through them. You can find a complete list of the top crypto exchanges on the. Therefore, one safe solution for buying crypto for your children is to purchase it and then store it in a "cold wallet." Crypto wallets allow.
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  • buying crypto for a child
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For a full explanation of custodial accounts and how your parents can open them, please see the following article: Custodial Brokerage Account for Your Kids. Then, when they are of age, you can gift your crypto to them. And, as more and more businesses begin to accept crypto as a form of payment, we can expect its use to become more widespread.