“BECOMING” with Mrs. Michelle Obama

On Thursday, November 15th, after a long day of touring the college campus of UC Irvine, and a bus ride during rush-hour traffic, many of the Generation 1st Degree-Pico Rivera students made their way through the doors of the Forum in Los Angeles, to hear Former First Lady Mrs. Obama talk about her new biography, “BECOMING.”

The opportunity was made possible through a partnership with the Gilbert and Jacki Cisneros and Better Make Room, a movement launched by Mrs. Obama to support and inspire students to aim for higher education.


As part of her book tour, Mrs. Obama made it a point that her BECOMING events be accessible to as many people as possible, and not just those with means or who happened to be by a computer when the tickets went on sale. In partnership with Live Nation, Mrs. Obama gave away thousands of complimentary tickets to people around the country, particularly to young people growing up in communities like she did.  Mrs. Obama wanted everyone, especially young people, to see them in her story—to see the value in the fullness of their stories and to imagine who they might become in the years ahead.


As Mrs. Obama spoke in earnest of her youth and life leading up to the White House, many students nodded their heads in agreement as she shared her experiences, laughed at her jokes and candid responses, and were mesmerized by her words.  It was truly a moment those in attendance will never forget and will also be inspired by.