Be A Leader Needs YOU!

We want to send at least 100 students to ‘Be A Leader-Senior Boot Camp’ this coming year, and we would love your help. You see, for many high school seniors, especially those that have not prepared for college after graduation, Generation 1st Degree-­‐Pico Rivera’s “Be A Leader – Senior Boot Camp”program provides the opportunity to participate in a series of college preparation workshops, which take place on a college campus, and provide students with a detailed and easy to navigate “support system” during the college and scholarship application process. This extensive system ensures that the student receives one-on-one assistance with the often-daunting process of applying for a university and/or a scholarship. That’s right! The students will be participating in workshops on the campuses of the schools they might be applying to! There’s no better way to get a feel for college life and to start to connect the dots between high-school and college than the ‘Be A Leader-Senior Boot Camp’ program.

We are looking to raise $5,250 in order to underwrite the cost of the program and are encouraging parents, community members, business owners and friends to contribute just $52.50, to cover the cost of one student’s participation, or to give what they can. Having these young folks graduate from college is something that will benefit all of Pico Rivera, economically and socially. Just think what Pico Rivera will look like with a college degree in every home! More skills means more investment. More investment means more economic growth and more jobs all around.

Our founders, Jacki and Gil Cisneros have generously pledged to MATCH every donation, dollar for dollar, so that twice as many students might benefit from this amazing program. Join them in believing in Pico Rivera’s youth today!

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