Everything You Need to Know About Scholarships

Finding and applying for scholarships may seem confusing, even overwhelming at times. Yet, the more you prepare and apply for, the more likely you may be able to pay for a significant amount of your college education with free money! Here you will find more information about what makes a scholarship different than a loan or grant, where to find scholarships and their requirements, as well as debunking the myths behind scholarships.

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The Real Cost of College

The “real” cost of college may surprise you. Did you know that taking extra time and credits to earn a degree will cost you a lot more money, thus, making college less affordable?

Research shows that the longer students are enrolled in college, the more they will pay for tuition, fees, living expenses, books, and other education-related expenses. Taking your time in college also affects your professional earning potential, because you’re not in the workforce. This information will offer tips on why college is important and how to maneuver through that is cost-effective for you and your family.

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Types of Loans to Pay for College

There are many ways to afford college, including Financial Aid, Scholarships and Loans. Your family’s circumstances and preferences will help determine what funding options are the best fit for your situation. It’s important to explore and compare the eligibility requirements, interest rates, costs and fees, repayment options, and monthly payments of the financing programs you’re considering. This presentation covers the following ways to afford college:

  • Types of Financial Aid
  • Types of Loans
  • How to Estimate Your College Costs
  • Deadlines
  • 529 Savings Plan
  • Helpful Tools & Resources

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