An Aggie Discovering Animal Science

Generation First Degree-Pico Rivera was very beneficial and influential for me throughout high school and in my first year of college. Throughout my senior year of high school, G1DPR was an important and consistent support system. They prepared me for the transition I would be facing as an undergraduate student in college.

The personal statement workshops provided by Jacki and Gilbert were very helpful to me when it came time to writing my statement. Having representatives from colleges read my personal statement greatly helped my chances of being accepted into several universities.

The College Summer Send-Off Luncheon, held at the end of the school year, also helped me get an idea of what college would be like. The alumni, and all those that attended, helped me feel a sense of community and this reassured me that no matter how hard times may get, I should never give up. They emphasized that even when the road gets difficult, I should continue to strive for my goals.

This coming fall, I will be a second year student at UC Davis. I’m majoring in the field of Animal Science, where I hope to continue my education at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and ultimately become a Veterinarian.

Even though my first year of college has been a vastly different experience than high school, I believe that all the struggles continue to help me grow as a person and teach me not to take anything for granted. Being of a Latino background, I know how difficult college may seem but I truly believe Generation First Degree Pico Rivera helps prepare students for the transition by giving them the confidence and motivation to prosper.